Summer Swim Academy - teaching safety since 2015

Summer Swim Academy was established by the owner Marlee Armour in March 2015 after a successful 3rd year accounting class feasibility study at Western University. The case study won for the class and moved on to Western’s Ivey School of Business 2257 Accounting Case Competition. Marlee went on to earn the Student Opportunity Grant from her University to make this business idea a reality. She also was a participate in the Halton Region Summer Company program that offered mentorship and grants to student entrepreneurs. With the start up grants she was able to make the business a reality and acquire 35 clients in her first summer of business.

In year 2, Marlee was finishing up her business degree and became a participate of the Halton Region Starter company program for graduated students and spoke at the Global Entrepeneurs week about her experiences and success with the programs. In her second summer of business she grew her client base to over 100 and hired 3 other instructors. This coming season Marlee has expanded from Burlington to Oakville, Ancaster, Dundas and Waterdown, along with 5 other instructor and lifeguards. Lastly, Summer Swim Academy is now featured as a published case study in the Ivey School of Business 2257 Accounting course. Marlee is looking forward to the success her business will bring in the future and teaching many children an important life skill all over Ontario.

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Academy Owner:
Marlee Armour is a graduate from Western University where she studied Business and Food Management. She has experience lifeguarding/Instructing for over 7 years. She has a passion for helping kids become more confident with their swimming abilites and ensuring safe swim practices in all backyard pools. Marlee has been recognized for her effective teaching abilites and is able to teach all swimming skill levels from learning how to swim to perfecting strokes.