Summer Swim Academy - teaching safety since 2015

I was amazed at the progress that my son made in a few short lessons with Summer Swim Academy. He was able to grow his confidence level in the water and by the end of the sessions was far more independently swimming than when he started. We will be bringing our other children to Marlee in the future as the results are immediate and I love the one on one approach that you get in private lessons. ~ Jacqueline

Thanks Marlee for teaching our boys to swim! They loved the lessons and I can’t believe how much and quickly they’ve progressed. From non-swimmers (and frustrated!) at the beginning of lessons, to be able to swim without lifejackets, confident and learning different strokes is really amazing.~ Tanya and Jonathan

We have had the pleasure of having Marlee teach our daughter for the past two summers. The growth we have seen in her swimming is incredible. She is confident and comfortable in the water and I credit Marlee’s wonderful teaching skills for this. We will definitely be enrolling both our children next summer. Many thanks Marlee! -Jaquie

My kids really looked forward to their lessons. We will most certainly use Marlee next year – so much easier to schedule 3 kids in their swimming lessons this way. –Natasha

You’re a miracle worker Marlee. Huge transformation for Lauren. She’s really comfortable jumping in anywhere now and her swimming gets stronger by the day. We have her enrolled in the Small Fry 4 program and can’t wait to have you join us again next summer! ~ Nicole