All lessons are 30 min 1:1 private lessons with a certified and experienced instructor for ages 3-12 years old. The instructor follows the Red Cross Swim Kids program. On the first scheduled lesson the instructor will ask some background info about your child’s experience with the water and then will assess what level they think they should work towards over the duration of the lessons. At the end of the lessons, the instructor will award your child with a report card ranging from levels 1-10. Lessons are available in 5, 10, 20 and 30 packages. A minimum of 10 lessons is recommend to complete a level and achieve the child’s full potential but of course this varies per student.

If you have a backyard pool and a few other mom friends with little ones aged 6 months-2 years, this a great program to build your babies comfort in the water. This class will involve songs, games, jumps, kicks, bubbles and much more to create a positive early exposure to water for your baby. The classes will be 30 mins long and requires a minimum of 2 and max of 5 mom’s and babies per lesson. Lesson packages are available in 5,10,20 and 30 lessons. It is best if one mom pays for the entire package and organizes the payment required from the rest of the group.

Do you have a child 10+ years that is confident in their swimming abilities? Our new program focuses on stroke correction, building endurance and strength in the water. This is a great program for athletes such as hockey, lacrosse, soccer, baseball etc players to prepare for the upcoming season. In addition, being a strong swimmer is essential if you own a cottage as lake swimming is very different then swimming in a pool. The lesson will include laps and treading water to build endurance, diving for weights/treading water to build strength, kick drills, water running, water crunches and much more. We can create a customizable plan for whatever your child is looking to focus on. All lesson package prices apply to this program. 

Does your child want to become a lifeguard?  The NLS course is very physically demanding and are often only offered in crash courses, which makes it quite overwhelming. We can teach/practice all the required NLS skills with your child to prepare them to pass the course with flying colours. We recommend they plan to take the course within 6 months after their lessons. All lesson packages apply to this program. 

Do you lack confidence in your swimming abilities and don’t feel comfortable around your own pool? Adult swim lessons is the perfect opportunity for you to enhance your endurance and strokes within the comfort of your own home. The instructor can cater the lessons to exactly where you’d like to improve upon. All lesson packages apply to this program. 

If you are hosting a pool party, it is important to have eyes on the pool at all times. Having a lifeguard is crucial as the host is usually unaware of all the children’s swimming abilities and is pre-occupied hosting the party. The lifeguard can be hired from 2-4 hours at a time and will set up a chair appropriately to lifeguard the children for the entire party. The lifeguard will also go over basic pool rules to keep the party safe and will conduct a swim test if required. The lifeguards are fully qualified and insured. The ratio is 1 guard for every 20 kids. Therefore, if you expect more then 20 kids we please ask you hire a additional lifeguard.

 If your kids want to leisurely swim after their lesson but you’re busy working and can’t watch them, the lifeguard can stay for 30 mins intervals and ensure their safety. The lifeguard can play games and entertain the child/children in the pool while keeping them safe at all times. This service will cost $20 per 30 mins.


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Pool Party (min 2 hrs)

$50/per hour

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