Yes, the lessons can be spilt between all of your children. For instance, if you buy the 20 lesson package each child can use 10 lessons each.

The closer together the lessons are the better the results are as the child is less likely to forget what they have learned each lesson. However, lessons can be done in a variety of ways.

-2 weeks straight of lessons: Monday-Friday
-1 week straight followed by another week later on in the summer
-3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
-Twice a week (Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday and Thursday etc)
-Once a week (Generally same day and time each week works best)

Semi-Private Lesson are an option but we highly recommend 1:1 lessons as there is much greater results because the instructor can focus directly on the child’s weaknesses. If you choose to do semi-private we allow a maximum of 2 kids per 30 min lesson and the price will be the same regardless of 1 or 2 kids.

Yes hour-long lessons are offered, it will just be the price of two 30 min lessons.

The pool we offer has unfortunately reached capacity but we can still do lessons for your child at your friends pool, neighbours, grandparents etc.

You can absolutely watch your child’s lesson, however we recommend that you let your child focus on their time with the instructor and return at the last 5 mins of the lessons when your child can show you everything they have learned. Sometimes we find in our younger students that having mom or dad there can cause a child to get upset and cry or become very distracted from the lessons. However, you know your child best and can make the decision accordingly.

All your child will need for the lesson is a suitable bathing suit and any other swimming materials they require. If your child has sensitive eyes to chlorine or the water, we recommend you bring a pair of goggles for them. We have lots of equipment that the instructors will bring to assist your child in their lesson.

We require the child to at least be 1 year old. This may seem young to start lessons but becoming comfortable in the water and learning to blow bubbles, splash, jump from the side and kick their feet are important beginner skills. This makes the transition to being able to swim when they gain the physical body strength much easier.

We also accept cash, cheque or email money transfer. Please email us at to arrange alternative payment options. Keep in mind that 13% HST will apply to all payment options.

If your child’s lesson needs to be cancelled due to weather you will be contacted by our office notifying you that it will not be happening and we will find a time to make up the cancelled lesson.

If you need to cancel or make up your child’s lessons we require 24hrs notice and the lesson can we rescheduled. However, if you neglect to provide 24hrs you will still be charged for the missed lesson. This is due to the fact that our instructors have very busy schedules and other children can fill your lesson spots if you are unable to have it. Please email our office at to reschedule or cancel lessons.

Ratio of 1 lifeguard to 25 children applies. Please hire more then one lifeguard if your party exceeds this number
The lifeguard can stay a maximum of 4 hours and requires one 15 minute break during this time where all children must exit the pool area.
The lifeguard will require a chair from you that they can set up in an appropiate spot around your pool.
All children that cannot swim are required to wear lifejackets or be accompanied by an adult
The lifeguard will go over pool rules with all their children before the party begins. Our company pool party rules are as follows:

No Running on the Pool Deck
No Pushing eachother in the Pool
No front or back flips
No pushing each other under the water
No swimming in the deep end if you are not a strong swimmer
Watching carefully for anyone swimming before jumping in the pool